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Helping People Take Control of their Financial Life


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Financial Focus Counseling is dedicated to providing independent straight-forward advice on money matters to couples and individuals.

Our goal is to teach, advise and help our clients:

  • Get their spending 70-532 pdf under control
  • Develop a plan that allows you to win financially regardless of what income, age or stage in life
  • Evaluate financial decisions to avoid financial mistakes
  • Eliminate the anxiety, stress and trouble that come with financial problems

We do not sell investments or other products

Unlike other financial planners or advisors we do not sell investment or other products. Our fee-based service is completely independent. It is designed to help people get financially organized and focused on winning with their money.


With over 40 years of financial experience, Financial Focus Counseling has the knowledge and expertise to provide wise financial counsel and support and help 70-532 people at all stages of their financial lives take control and achieve their financial goals.