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Helping People Take Control of their Financial Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Header FAQs

I am deeply in debt and need help getting out of it.
 Can you help me?

Many of our clients have similar situations. We help them assess their overall situation, come up with plans and actions to:

  • Deal with creditors
  • Work out payment plans
  • Develop specific actions they can take to eliminate the debt
  • Develop changes in their financial lifestyle that will allow them to get out of debt and get financially healthy


We have a house payment we cannot afford and our house is now worth less than we owe on it. What are our options?

We have helped many clients in this area given the recent collapse of the housing market. We can explore alternatives and how they might affect you financially such as:

  • Loan modification
  • Short sale
  • Refinancing
  • Foreclosure


I am saving for retirement, but there are so many investment choices and I am unsure of what to invest in. How can you help me?

While we do not give specific investment advice or sell any products, we can give you some time-tested guidelines for investing.


We have young children and are trying to save for college, a house and for retirement. We are concerned that we are not making progress. We can you help?

Many of our clients have similar situations and we help them assess their overall situation; come up with plans and actions to:

  • Evaluate priorities and options
  • Meet their objectives given their resources and time frame
  • Work together with their income to keep spending under control so savings goals are achieved


I am just starting out in my career, can you help me learn how best to handle and manage my money?

At FFC we help teach you the fundamentals of managing your finances so you can live within your means and save for future purchases and goals.


My husband and I fight about money and can’t seem to agree on what we need to do. Can you help?

Money fights and money problems are the number 1 cause of divorce. Couples who want to stop this cycle and work together can benefit from spending time discussing their goals and frustrations with a counselor.


Every time I get a little ahead some things happens to set me back. Can you help?

Financial emergencies are the most common reason people get behind financially. Emergencies happen to everyone and we teach our clients how set aside money for emergencies and to more realistically develop spending plans that take this into account and keep you on track.


I am in my early 50’s and am worried about how and when I can retire. How can you help?

We help you evaluate the steps you need to take to ensure that you have adequate retirement funds. This includes focused efforts to eliminate debt and maximize savings in your best earning years.


I have a relative or grown child that I am always bailing out financially. Can you help me help them so I don’t have to bail them out?

While we cannot change others behavior, we can discuss your situation and offer you some healthy ways to help rather than enable poor financial behavior.


I have a business and need help. What kind of business experience do you have?

Mr. Ursettie has over 40 years of experience building businesses and financial consulting to business. This experience ranges from CPA experience to a CFO building a successful business from 10 to 350 people. We understand what it takes to succeed and avoiding or eliminating the financial mistakes and pitfalls that can get a business in trouble.